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2017 Madison and Yellowstone Fly Fishing Schools for Women

Posted by Alice on 03/03/2017

Many women have attended Fly Fishing 101 classes with their local club or fly shop, they may have also been taught by a close friend or family member, but they aren’t sure what is the next step to getting on the water. I believe women want to become independent anglers. They enjoy sharing the sport with friends and partners but don’t want to be dependent on someone to tie their knots or identify trout holding water.  Women also want technical fishing information that they can use on the water. I am introducing my Madison and Yellowstone fly fishing schools for 2017 to help women gain this knowledge. These three day schools are intense on and off the water fly fishing academies for the gals who have dipped their toe into the sport and are ready to dive right in! We will start in the class room and quickly move to the river.  Topics will cover all aspects of trout fishing beyond the beginner level.  

I have worked with many women, both as individuals and groups that wanted to be able to go fly fishing for trout with the confidence that they knew what they were doing on the water. I believe my schools can give you that confidence. 

For more details on the schools, please check out the rates and information page, or give me a call. -Alice

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