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2017 Madison and Yellowstone Fly Fishing Schools for Women

Posted by Alice on 03/03/2017

Many women have attended Fly Fishing 101 classes with their local club or fly shop, they may have also been taught by a close friend or family member, but they aren’t sure what is the next step to getting on the water. I believe women want to become independent anglers. They enjoy sharing the sport with friends and partners but don’t want to be dependent on someone to tie their knots or identify trout holding water.  Women also want technical fishing information that they can use on the water. I am introducing my Madison and Yellowstone... Continue reading »

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Spring Report and Summer Outlook

Posted by Alice on 05/09/2016

The upper Madison from Quake Lake down to McAtee Bridge has been closed to fishing for the past 21 years, so I am not used to having that area to fish this time of year.  Old habits are hard to break so this spring I have been fishing some of the favorites down near Ennis and checking out the water closer to home a little earlier than usual. We have been blessed with some amazing... Continue reading »

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Meet Nichole Dye, Fishing Guide

Posted by Alice on 09/24/2015

Whoa, March! What I have been doing since then? Yes, fishing, yes guiding a ton and spending time on the water with Nichole! Meet Nichole, she joined the Riverside Anglers guide staff this season has been keeping clients happy since June. With apologies to and acknowledgement of Proust, Vanity Fair and Chris Hunts’ Eat More Brook Trout Blog, I present to you my version of the Twenty Questions format to interview Nichole Dye, Riverside... Continue reading »

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My First Blog post!!

Posted by Alice on 03/07/2015

Tonight just before yoga class, my friend Molly turns to me after busting her hair elastic to see if I have an extra. Quick scan of my pockets and nope, no extra hair elastic. Class is about to start, I suggest we tie a knot in her busted rubber band. She comments that fishing guides are always handy to have around. Nice. Well yes I did tie a knot in her hair elastic and it... Continue reading »

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Fly Fishing Ventures

Posted by Alice on 06/08/2013

Thank you to Rebecca, Aileen and Rachel over at Fly Fishing Ventures, a great new website for Lady Anglers, with a interview of yours truly on the Home page! Continue reading »

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