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2017 Madison and Yellowstone Fly Fishing Schools for Women

Posted by Alice on 03/03/2017        1 Comment

Many women have attended Fly Fishing 101 classes with their local club or fly shop, they may have also been taught by a close friend or family member, but they aren’t sure what is the next step to getting on the water. I believe women want to become independent anglers. They enjoy sharing the sport with friends and partners but don’t want to be dependent on someone to tie their knots or identify trout holding water.  Women also want technical fishing information that they can use on the water. I am introducing my Madison and Yellowstone fly fishing schools for 2017 to help women gain this knowledge. These three day schools are intense on and off the water fly fishing academies for the gals who have dipped their toe into the sport and are ready to dive right in! We will start in the class room and quickly move to the river.  Topics will cover all aspects of trout fishing beyond the beginner level.  


I have worked with many women, both as individuals and groups that wanted to be able to go fly fishing for trout with the confidence that they knew what they were doing on the water. I believe my schools can give you that confidence. 


For more details on the schools, please check out the rates and information page, or give me a call. -Alice

Spring Report and Summer Outlook

Posted by Alice on 05/09/2016        0 Comment

The upper Madison from Quake Lake down to McAtee Bridge has been closed to fishing for the past 21 years, so I am not used to having that area to fish this time of year.  Old habits are hard to break so this spring I have been fishing some of the favorites down near Ennis and checking out the water closer to home a little earlier than usual. We have been blessed with some amazing March Brown mayfly and Mother’s day caddis hatches this spring. I have fished nymphs and streamers when the water resembles chocolate milk. Many trout have been brought to hand this season!  I hope our spring fishing is foreshadowing a great summer on the Madison River!!


Spring weather in Montana has been very typical, beautiful days of sunshine and temperatures pushing 70 and then less than 40 all day with snow blowing around. In fact as I write this snow is accumulating on my boat and truck in the driveway.  All this is keeping our snowpack in the Madison Basin in the 90 percentile.  Fantastic news for summer fishing. Looking at the snowpack around the park, this slow melt should keep the waters cool, bugs hatching and fish happy.  Last winter’s below average snowpack in the Madison Drainage of Yellowstone National Park, not only ended my snowcoach season a little early, it also meant that once the fishing season opened in the park, there was little cold water pouring into the Firehole river to support early season fishing. This season that is not the case! We should see great fishing on the Firehole River not only opening weekend but through the early half of June. Expect blue winged olives on the cloudy days, caddis and pale morning dun mayflies to follow. The Madison and Gibbon Rivers should also fish well in June this year.  Stay tuned for an early summer fishing report.

Meet Nichole Dye, Fishing Guide

Posted by Alice on 09/24/2015        3 Comments

Whoa, March! What I have been doing since then? Yes, fishing, yes guiding a ton and spending time on the water with Nichole! Meet Nichole, she joined the Riverside Anglers guide staff this season has been keeping clients happy since June.

With apologies to and acknowledgement of Proust, Vanity Fair and Chris Hunts’ Eat More Brook Trout Blog, I present to you my version of the Twenty Questions format to interview Nichole Dye, Riverside Anglers newest fishing guide. This reveals more of her personality than yes she knows how to row a drift boat, yes she is a passionate angler and is a mountain girl through and through. Enjoy the read and come fishing with us!

Tell me about your first fish on a fly rod.  My first fish on a fly rod that I remember was caught on the Snake River. I was around 10 years old. I was using a dry fly and my Dad was hanging over my shoulder coaching me on each step. It was a 16 inch Brown I landed out of a riffle.

Whats on your iPod? If your iPod was on shuffle what would be the first 5 artists?  Devil Makes 3, Atmosphere, Beck, ZZ Ward, Avett Brothers

I asked her about her current favorite movie?  I can't remember how long it has been since I watched a movie. Walk the Line was on recently and I was drawn in to watching the whole movie.

I know that in your spare time you bike and run. You are a guide in bear country and I don’t advocate this as a reaction, but what is your running pace? 7ish minute mile.

Do you have a Pet? Yes, a dog-Jack, pit mix/mutt.

Two things you can’t get enough of?  If you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be? Beanies and mint Chapstick.

What is your favorite Wildlife sighting this summer? Just the other day on a day off while floating the South Fork of the Snake, I saw 4 moose all together. A Bull, his cow and her 2 calves were standing in the river.  The other day on my way home from fishing a black bear that ran across the road in front of my truck.

You have several hobbies, fishing, mountain biking and skiing, what is your favorite pastime? Mowing the lawn.

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life, which would it be? Snowboard? Alpine? or Telemark? Tele.

Finish this phrase, Eat, Sleep, Fish,…Ski.

What talent would you like to have? Breakdancing.

On what occasions do you lie?  I lie all the time, but I’m really bad at lying. I will make up an answer to have one, but always admit I just lied.

What is your Favorite Fly? Caddis Missing Link.

Who are your heroes? My Dad, he is the reason I'm doing everything I am doing right now. Even though he would like me to finish school.  I’m very inspired by my sister and I look up to several close friends.

What is your most memorable fly fishing experience? As in the whole experience.  Probably one of the overnighter trips with my Dad. I had to live under a 5x5 tarp for four rainy days straight.  I had the flu and couldn’t keep any food down, not even Dad’s dutch oven made french fries.  We fished all day long, every day, the whole experience was very memorable.

Tell me about your favorite journey. My backpacking trip to Central America for a month with my best friend.

In addition to guiding fishing, and ski patrolling you are also pursuing a college degree.  What is your field of study? Human Performance Management Major with a minor in Nutrition.

On a day of guided fishing what is your expectation for your clients for the day?I want them to have a good experience, I want them to have fun, realizing its not all about catching fish and appreciate that they are getting to be out on the water.

What is your odd tip or fly fishing trick that you would like to share?  I like to cut the bottom hackles off certain dry flies to make them float flat.  I don’t like dry flies that spin or lay on their sides.

Where do you dream of fishing? Bonefishing somewhere in the Caribbean.  Although New Zealand is my number one country to visit, so I would fish there too.

My First Blog post!!

Posted by Alice on 03/07/2015        3 Comments

Tonight just before yoga class, my friend Molly turns to me after busting her hair elastic to see if I have an extra. Quick scan of my pockets and nope, no extra hair elastic. Class is about to start, I suggest we tie a knot in her busted rubber band. She comments that fishing guides are always handy to have around. Nice. Well yes I did tie a knot in her hair elastic and it did hold all through class. Her second comment as we started our first twist, “Hey you should advertise that, Fishing Guide that Can Fix Hair Ties.” Thanks, I am sure that there are less than 1% of the women looking for a fishing guide that the top three criteria includes, can you fix my broken hair elastic?
So, what should my advertising include? What are good subtitles for Riverside Anglers, Outfitter and Fishing Guide Alice Owsley? This was part of the point of including a blog on my website, a place to brag a little, share some fishing knowledge and a few funny stories from the river. So here’s my first blog post. Thank you Molly for the inspiration.

2015 has started with lots of marketing Riverside Anglers, Inc. to a wider audience. I attended two Fly Fishing shows, Denver and Somerset. I picked those two because they were the site of the first Women’s Fly Fishing Showcase at a consumer Fly Fishing show. Brooke Furmisky did a great job organizing the inaugural event.  I met several new fly fishing gals and reconnected with old pals. I did presentations at both shows on two different topics, Stalking Trout in Yellowstone Country and Lipstick and Waders: Packing and preparing for a destination trout trip. Expect to see articles on those two subjects here on the blog.

This past weekend I went to the 2nd Casting for Recovery Montana Trailhead Country Pink Pookie Gala in Billings, MT. Sharon Sharosch and her gals have put together an unbelievable event, there were 600 folks in the room to support our local retreat for women with breast cancer. I had a great time connecting with old and new friends.

I will be back in Billings at the Magic City Fly Fishers Expo. I have been asked to give a presentation on women and fly fishing. Come see me at my booth if you are in Billings, March 28th.

I am still guiding trips into Yellowstone this winter and skiing on my days off. I look forward to sharing my adventures through my blog, if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below!

Thanks for reading and come back often.

Floating the Upper Madison on Opening Day

Posted by Alice on 05/18/2014 in Fishing Reports       

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