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Alice Owsley

Guide in Yellowstone, Montana and Idaho since 2001.

From battling big tuna in the ocean to tiny trout in mountain streams, there isn't much Alice Owsley hasn't done with a fly rod in her hand.

A fly rod has led Alice from spring creeks in Ohio where she learned to pursue trout at the tender age of 8, to the Rocky Mountain West hunting for any fish that will take a fly.  Bitten by the saltwater bug at a young age, Alice has fished extensively for Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit and many other saltwater species throughout the Bahamas, Florida Keys, Belize and Mexico.  She also spent a season helping clients catch giant rainbows while dodging mosquitos and Brown bears in Alaska.  Alice is no stranger to Idaho's Clearwater River Steelhead or Carp swimming in the Missouri River.  Through all of her travels no place or fish holds her interest like the many species of trout that inhabit the waters in the Greater Yellowstone region.  The variety of fishing opportunities in the area has fueled Alice's passion for guiding fly fishing since 2001.

Alice is an accomplished fly tier and loves trying out new patterns on the water.  A skilled caster who has won competitions, (even though her boyfriend wants her to work on her backcast) Alice enjoys teaching clients new tricks with the fly rod like reach casts, tuck casts and how to properly present a fly when Montana's afternoon winds begin to blow.

Through 11 years of guiding winter snow coach trips inside Yellowstone National Park, Alice has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the Yellowstone history, unique geology, and animal habits.  If you want to know the name of a wild orchid, the eruption intervals of Great Fountain Geyser or how old a deer is before it turns into an elk, Alice is your guide.  Birds along the riverbanks are no mystery to Alice, as she is an experienced birder with a long life list of species. Her background as a naturalist adds even greater detail to her clients' fishing adventures.

Alice guides with a level of professionalism that is unmatched.  When was the last time you got into a fly fishing guide's truck and didn't see a mess?  Alice makes sure the windows are clean so you can trout neck without squinting and the bed of her truck is organized so it won't swallow your gear at the end of the day.

Alice has been a member of the International Women Fly Fishers since the organization held its inaugural festival in San Francisco in 1996.  A member of the Conservation Committee for years, Alice is currently the chairwoman. She has been involved with a variety of freshwater and saltwater conservation projects thru IWFF, a regular contributor to the newsletter and coordinates festival conservation projects. In 2012 Alice became a Simms Fishing Products Pro Ambassador Guide.

In addition to being a top notch fishing guide, Alice is a great cook, PSIA level II ski instructor and photographer.  She enjoys both nordic and downhill skiing in the winters.  In the fall she can often be found behind her German Wirehair Pointers, Domino and Norman as they chase Grouse and Partridge.  More than anything Alice loves a relaxing evening watching fish rise on the Madison or a challenging morning of gulper fishing on Hebgen Lake.

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