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Celebrating Women in Fly Fishing

Posted by Alice on 11/18/2020

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Celebrating Women in Fly Fishing Expo. The first of it's kind in the fly fishing industry.    An amazing lineup of Exhibitors, Casting Clinics, Tying Demonstrators, Artists, Social NETwork Room, and Presentations. And of course you’ll have access this event after purchasing your ticket. A total of 21 Zoom Rooms!!  CWiFF's goal is to shine a spotlight & celebrate our talents women bring to the fly fishing industry.  CWiFF provides an opportunity for ticket holders to participate in fly fishing education, social NETworking, fly tying,... Continue reading »

5 Tips Towards Becoming An Independent Angler

Posted by Alice on 07/16/2018

Educate yourself.  Whether a one day class or a dedicated friend, become a student of fly fishing. Learn the basics in a classroom setting or outside. Take notes, read and watch videos to review what you have learned.    Be like George Michael, you gotta have faith, faith, faith. Go fishing and be confident that you are going to catch fish. Not everyday is easy, but don’t give up on a... Continue reading »

Spring 2018 Outlook

Posted by Alice on 03/24/2018

A few bears have been seen in the Yellowstone area, and we are always anticipating the reports of the first blue birds arriving. All of this is promising news despite the 30 inches of snow in my backyard. I love this time of year, we are still getting snow and it is biathlon season, ski in the morning and fish in the afternoon, one day is sunny in the 50’s and the next a white... Continue reading »

Many women have attended Fly Fishing 101 classes with their local club or fly shop, they may have also been taught by a close friend or family member, but they aren’t sure what is the next step to getting on the water. I believe women want to become independent anglers. They enjoy sharing the sport with friends and partners but don’t want to be dependent on someone to tie their knots or... Continue reading »

Spring Report and Summer Outlook

Posted by Alice on 05/09/2016

The upper Madison from Quake Lake down to McAtee Bridge has been closed to fishing for the past 21 years, so I am not used to having that area to fish this time of year.  Old habits are hard to break so this spring I have been fishing some of the favorites down near Ennis and checking out the water closer to home a little earlier than usual. We have been blessed with some amazing... Continue reading »

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