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Meet Nichole Dye, Fishing Guide

Posted by Alice on 09/24/2015

Whoa, March! What I have been doing since then? Yes, fishing, yes guiding a ton and spending time on the water with Nichole! Meet Nichole, she joined the Riverside Anglers guide staff this season has been keeping clients happy since June.

With apologies to and acknowledgement of Proust, Vanity Fair and Chris Hunts’ Eat More Brook Trout Blog, I present to you my version of the Twenty Questions format to interview Nichole Dye, Riverside Anglers newest fishing guide. This reveals more of her personality than yes she knows how to row a drift boat, yes she is a passionate angler and is a mountain girl through and through. Enjoy the read and come fishing with us!

Tell me about your first fish on a fly rod.  My first fish on a fly rod that I remember was caught on the Snake River. I was around 10 years old. I was using a dry fly and my Dad was hanging over my shoulder coaching me on each step. It was a 16 inch Brown I landed out of a riffle.

Whats on your iPod? If your iPod was on shuffle what would be the first 5 artists?  Devil Makes 3, Atmosphere, Beck, ZZ Ward, Avett Brothers

I asked her about her current favorite movie?  I can't remember how long it has been since I watched a movie. Walk the Line was on recently and I was drawn in to watching the whole movie.

I know that in your spare time you bike and run. You are a guide in bear country and I don’t advocate this as a reaction, but what is your running pace? 7ish minute mile.

Do you have a Pet? Yes, a dog-Jack, pit mix/mutt.

Two things you can’t get enough of?  If you could have a lifetime supply of anything, what would it be? Beanies and mint Chapstick.

What is your favorite Wildlife sighting this summer? Just the other day on a day off while floating the South Fork of the Snake, I saw 4 moose all together. A Bull, his cow and her 2 calves were standing in the river.  The other day on my way home from fishing a black bear that ran across the road in front of my truck.

You have several hobbies, fishing, mountain biking and skiing, what is your favorite pastime? Mowing the lawn.

If you had to choose one for the rest of your life, which would it be? Snowboard? Alpine? or Telemark? Tele.

Finish this phrase, Eat, Sleep, Fish,…Ski.

What talent would you like to have? Breakdancing.

On what occasions do you lie?  I lie all the time, but I’m really bad at lying. I will make up an answer to have one, but always admit I just lied.

What is your Favorite Fly? Caddis Missing Link.

Who are your heroes? My Dad, he is the reason I'm doing everything I am doing right now. Even though he would like me to finish school.  I’m very inspired by my sister and I look up to several close friends.

What is your most memorable fly fishing experience? As in the whole experience.  Probably one of the overnighter trips with my Dad. I had to live under a 5x5 tarp for four rainy days straight.  I had the flu and couldn’t keep any food down, not even Dad’s dutch oven made french fries.  We fished all day long, every day, the whole experience was very memorable.

Tell me about your favorite journey. My backpacking trip to Central America for a month with my best friend.

In addition to guiding fishing, and ski patrolling you are also pursuing a college degree.  What is your field of study? Human Performance Management Major with a minor in Nutrition.

On a day of guided fishing what is your expectation for your clients for the day?I want them to have a good experience, I want them to have fun, realizing its not all about catching fish and appreciate that they are getting to be out on the water.

What is your odd tip or fly fishing trick that you would like to share?  I like to cut the bottom hackles off certain dry flies to make them float flat.  I don’t like dry flies that spin or lay on their sides.

Where do you dream of fishing? Bonefishing somewhere in the Caribbean.  Although New Zealand is my number one country to visit, so I would fish there too.

We'd love to get out on the water with you!

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